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The problem with single mothers February 16, 2016

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“There has been a lot of hand-wringing about single mothers and the rise of children being born outside of marriage nowadays. About a third of children in the U.S. live with an unmarried parent, according to the Pew Research Center — 34 percent, up from 9 percent in 1960 and 19 percent in 1980. While many of those parents are single, about 4 percent of children live with two cohabiting  parents”


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Are women really unhappy?

“Women are more depressed and anxious than men. Why?”


Because we don’t make as much money as men do, researchers say.

Too many choices?

What’s happiness anyway?

Interesting article…but attributing everything to money  treats the issue as superficial.



Are women really unhappy?


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Are reluctant men to blame for so many women being childless? From The UK February 4, 2016

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“Record numbers are never becoming mothers – and not by choice ”

Source: Maureen Brookbanks


7 Ways the War on Poverty Destroyed Black Fatherhood

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“The growing absence of fathers in American households — particularly in the African-American community — has been studied by academicians for decades, with liberal and conservative writers and policymakers squaring off and pointing fingers in different directions.” Nick Chiles




Marriage becoming ‘preserve of the wealthy’ From The UK June 12, 2015

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‘Since 2001 those in the top social class have gone from being 24 per cent more likely to be married to 50 per cent more likely, figures from the Office for National Statistics show’

Seems to be an acknowledgement of the role of government in the breakdown of  marriage and the stable family unit.

Source:  Keith Perry


Why Divorce Attorneys Will Love Obamacare June 11, 2015

Another case of legislation shaping society?…and creating more problems?

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‘Columbo’ daughter pushes for bill that protects the right to visit sick parents June 6, 2015

‘Current California law provides all rights relating to the care of loves ones to spouses, which leaves children no legal avenue to arrange visitation with their ailing parents, to receive notice of hospitalization or even the death of that parent.The child is also denied access to information regarding funeral arrangements.’

‘Part of the problem, California Assemblyman Mike Gatto said, is the increase in tension between the second or third spouse and the children of the first marriage. That conflict often gets worse when a parent becomes sick.’

Rover77: This is an unforeseen consequence of multiple marriages

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