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Online Dating: Dating Illusion versus Individual Reality May 28, 2013

‘ People like the illusion, the dream, the fantasy and hope to keep it alive as long as possible.’


Ten signs of divorce and divorce remorse April 29, 2013

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While regrets are voiced about choosing a marriage partner and finding out things can be difficult in relationships and breakups therefore occur, some folks say that maybe that former spouse might have been the right choice after all.


Memories of love – regretting the divorce

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‘Divorce has become such an easy tool to end all the pain and hardship a relationship brings along…’


Am I angry about my divorce? More like disappointed April 22, 2013

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‘If you are to do forgiveness well, to make it more about catharsis and less about your own attempts to take the high road, it has to be co-operative, I think. The person whose actions you want to forgive has to be willing to listen to how you feel, to the impact they had on you. They have to know what they did, in other words.’


Source: Sarah Hampson


Is Lust Ever Worth Breaking Up Your Marriage ? January 17, 2013

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“The momentary high from being with someone new often blinds people to the realities of what life is after divorce, especially when kids are involved.”


Source : JIll Brooke


Transitioning Through Divorce: November 4, 2012

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The Six Types of Divorce

Maybe a better label would be ‘stages of  divorce’


What Is A Divorce? November 3, 2012

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A divorce is much more than ‘just’ a legal proceeding to end a marriage.

Source : Henry Gornbein