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Paternity Fraud Hurts a Wide Circle November 25, 2015

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“Countless children go through life not knowing the true identity of their fathers. Shame on their mothers. And shame on the U.S. court system that, more often than you realize, forces child support on men with no DNA connection.”




Deadbeats or Beatdeads? November 21, 2015

“The realization that the engine generating fatherless children is not the fathers, but the state, takes on implications few have dared to confront.”  Dr. Stephen Baskerville


In Colorado, a new approach on child support August 31, 2015

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Source:  Jeremy Meyer


Father hanged himself after Child Support Agency wrote to him demanding £11,000 in backdated maintenance payments for son who’s now 22 . From the UK June 6, 2015

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Another casualty of the child support wars.

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Dalrock quote

‘ Nearly everyone believes that we have merely modified our marriage based family structure to include an exception for the child support model. The truth is the opposite.

We didn’t modify our marriage based family structure to allow an exception for the child support model, we replaced the marriage model with the child support model and created a very limited exception for marriage.

The child support model is now the rule of the land, our official family structure.’

Source: Dalrock


The disconnect between how we view child support laws and how they actually work

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The public views court-ordered formulas calculating child support in the United States and England to be unfair, according to a study released Monday that researchers hope will be valuable information for policymakers dealing with family law issues.

Source: Mandy Morgan/Deseret News via DivorceCorp



‘Whether Hanschen is a principled jurist or a rogue judge, he is drawing attention to a controversial area of law that impacts millions nationwide. “You’ve got a judge sitting up there saying, ‘Hey, there’s something wrong here,'” says Marr, of the Family Law Foundation. “It highlights the seriousness of the issue, and the problem isn’t going to go away just because there’s presently a gotcha clause in the law.” ‘

I’ve heard child support and alimony called ‘a single payer welfare system that generates revenue for the state’…maybe they are right

Source: Megan Feldman