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Economic Origins of the No-Fault Divorce Revolution* February 16, 2016

” Richard Posner argues that late twentieth-century divorce-law reform rendered marital relationships in the United States increasingly contractual in nature. Chief among such reforms was the no-fault divorce revolution: the widespread switch in states’ legal regimes from fault-based, mutualconsent divorce to no-fault based, unilateral divorce, which swept across America in the 1970s. While a growing literature considers the no-fault divorce revolution’s effects on divorce rates, almost no work considers its causes. Taking Posner’s observation as its starting point, this paper develops testable hypotheses relating to the potential origins of no-fault divorce reforms in the US. ”

Interesting discussion , explores the groups that advocated / opposed and how they benefited.


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Source : Peter Leeson and Joshua Pierson


Why men won’t get married anymore:from the UK December 31, 2015

“Why men won’t get married anymore: Women complain chaps today won’t settle down. Sorry, ladies, but it’s all your fault, argues a wickedly provocative new book”

Source: Peter Lloyd


The denigration of men: Ridiculed, abused, exploited – the triumph of feminism: From the UK

Angry words from the UK


The denigration of men: Ridiculed, abused, exploited – the triumph of feminism


The Number of Male Domestic Abuse Victims Is Shockingly High — So Why Don’t We Hear About Them? November 22, 2015

“When you think of a victim of domestic abuse, who comes to mind?

If you’re being honest, it’s probably a woman. After all, domestic violence against men isn’t a theme of many Hollywood movies.

Yet in 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data from its National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey — and one of the most shocking statistics wasn’t just the sheer total of victims of physical violence but also how those numbers broke down by gender.”


Source  : Jenna Birch




I Aborted My Baby – Because it was a Boy February 10, 2015

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A true gender warrior

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Feminism’s Crowning Achievement January 10, 2015

Phyllis Schlafly, best known as the woman who stopped the Equal Rights Amendment, which everyone was certain was an unstoppable assault on the Constitution and the matriarch of the modern conservative movement, has written extensively on this outrage. Mrs. Schlafly, who is an attorney herself, writes:
In family courts…some divorce lawyers advise wives to manipulate the process by using a three-step technique: (1) make domestic violence or child abuse allegations, (2) demand full custody, (3) collect large amounts of child support, alimony, and legal fees. If the father objects to this process, the wife can make more accusations.

The evaluators then call it a high-conflict divorce and give custody to the wife, declaring that shared parenting won’t work. If the husband doesn’t acquiesce…the father is denied the basic rights of a criminal defendant such as presumption of innocence and the necessity that the accuser provides proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Family courts force fathers to submit to interrogations and evaluations by court-chosen child-custody evaluators. Fathers are forced to pay the high fees of these private practitioners, whom they have not hired, whose services they do not want, and whose credentials and bias are suspect. The children are also subjected to these evaluators who attempt to turn the children against their parents in unrecorded interviews.

…fathers [are required] to attend re-education classes and psychotherapy
sessions to induce them to admit fault and to indoctrinate them in government-
approved parenting behavior. The court-approved psychotherapists report back
to the court on the father’s supposed progress, and his attendance at these
Soviet-style reeducation sessions must continue until he conforms.

A cozy relationship exists among the local lawyers and court-approved
psychotherapists who recommend each other for this highly paid work of
making evaluations, counseling, and conducting reeducation classes. The
psychotherapists refuse to challenge each others’ recommendations or question
their competence, and the lawyers refuse to cross-examine them, because they
all want to continue the profitable practice of referring business to each other
and collecting fees from fathers who are desperate to see their own children.

Source: Rick Scarborough


The plight of an NBAer falsely accused of domestic violence October 23, 2014

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Wrong thinking :’ Police said alcohol was not a factor in the case. They also recommended that Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman charge Herron with making a false police report for the second incident, but he told the AP he was reluctant to do so in part because he feared “a chilling effect” on future victims of domestic violence.’

Source: AP