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The Intersection of Society,The Family and Government Programs And Policy and Yes The Law March 13, 2015

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Rover77’s commentary : All are interwoven and impact the other..failure to see that only makes things worse….the collapse of the family was precipitated by societal change and government programs then the law ,now as the family shrinks..the laws and the government programs is self perpetuating


Protect Yourself in a Divorce Using a Domestic Asset Protection Trust May 23, 2014

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Rover77: More and more I think that lawyers,the courts,politicians,gender activists , the mass media and our society and culture
have changed the whole idea of marriage..its just business and politics…thats all it is…yet we keep playing the game without realizing they have changed the rules..

sOURCE: Robert Pagliarini


The Midlife Crisis May 20, 2014

‘The midlife crisis is a 1-to-3 year period of mental readjustment that occurs with married couples in their mid-forties. It typically manifests itself between the 15th and 20th years of marriage.’ Like honeymoons, or the periods of grieving after a mortal loss, the midlife crisis is a stage couples go through. After it has burned itself out, they’re either left with embarrassment at their self-indulgence if they haven’t been consumed by its flames, or they’re left with the dead, cold ashes of their lives if they’ve acted upon their folly’

Rover77 : well written if clinical description of MLC… it may not be in the DSM…but if you talk to Mental Health people privately..they acknowledge it..


A Few Words May 15, 2014

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Rover 77 :’They call it no fault divorce..but let’s face it ..someone IS always to blame’

Source: Anonymous lawyer


SOUTH CAROLINA: Man kills wife’s divorce lawyer then commits suicide May 14, 2014

‘Crenshaw’s wife had hired Coyle after the pair filed for divorce in 2007, according to court filings. That divorce became final in May 2009, but the couple had been haggling over splitting up property they had owned together, said Harold Welborn, Pickens County clerk of court.’

Rover77 : here’s my thoughts..I agree with the author’s commentary but..I point out they had been fighting in court for years..and that just keeps the conflict going..and quite often an attorney CAN BE the issue , their ego , modus opendi and let’s face it..income..are factors..when I read these stories ..I recall a realization I had early on in my family court adventure…what do you have when you take EVERYTHING from someone..their home , money, children ?…you have someone WITH NOTHING TO LOSE..that makes them a dangerous opponent be honest..I am not sure what I would have actually done if I had not received 50 % joint custody..remember that when your lawyer or divorce pals coach you to take as much as you can..its like backing a bear into a corner..


Ohio dad can’t have more kids until he pays off child support, court says

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‘An Ohio appeals court has upheld a judge’s order that a deadbeat father can’t have more kids until he pays his back child support’

Rover77 : On one hand , I think this is a great idea..but I doubt it will stand up..and I question the gender bias and hypocrisy here…how often do they tell a woman ‘you can’t have any more children until you are not tax payer supported ‘…hmmm..not very often..thery have rights ya know…The good news? If it does stand in appelate court (I doubt it)..the door will be open for this requirement to be levied on almost anyone that can’t support their children

Source: AP


Sad But True May 12, 2014

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Rover77 : The how and whys of the end of your marriage often dictate what kind of divorce experience you have as well as your post divorce relationship …quite is what you make it.