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Are women really unhappy? February 16, 2016

“Women are more depressed and anxious than men. Why?”


Because we don’t make as much money as men do, researchers say.

Too many choices?

What’s happiness anyway?

Interesting article…but attributing everything to money  treats the issue as superficial.



Are women really unhappy?


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Four-in-Ten Couples are Saying “I Do,” Again November 18, 2014

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In 2013, fully four-in-ten new marriages included at least one partner who had been married before, and two-in-ten new marriages were between people who had both previously stepped down the aisle,



Remarriage and Renewal July 15, 2014

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‘Many parents and children who felt bruised and battered following the break-up of the original family find healing and satisfaction in the new start promised by remarriage. In fact, 70 percent of divorced Americans remarry with optimism and hope that things will be different the second time around. ‘

Source: Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D.


Six Reasons Why Second Marriages Suck March 3, 2014

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Thirty Three February 13, 2014

‘I’ve been married three times by the age of 33.’

I found her story puzzling.


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Why divorced men are quick to marry again January 24, 2014

Is it because they are needy or is just because they can?




The Women Who Won’t Give Up On Marriage (Even After The Fifth Attempt) December 26, 2013

Admirable?  Or pathological ?


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