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Co-Parenting Experts Conclude That Family Courts Should Be Able To Make Shared Parenting Orders May 19, 2015

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Father Absence, Father Deficit, Father Hunger May 11, 2015

‘According to the 2007 UNICEF report on the well-being of children in economically advanced nations, children in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. rank extremely low in regard to social and emotional well-being in particular. Many theories have been advanced to explain the poor state of our nations’ children: child poverty, race and social class. A factor that has been largely ignored, however, particularly among child and family policymakers, is the prevalence and devastating effects of father absence in children’s lives.’

Rover77 : Let’s face it,part of the problem is us, our culture,but the legal system exacerbates it

Source: Edward Kruk Ph.D.


What It’s Like To Go Through Life Having Met Your Dad Only Twice March 16, 2015

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‘It’s not okay for you to turn your back on your children or to think that by not having any involvement in their life, you are doing them a favor. They don’t want you there? Fight harder. You’ve done wrong? Don’t let it define you, work at it and prove yourself. But don’t ever give up. There is nothing worse than feeling like your parent just gave up on you and forgot about you’

Source: Megan Kelly Botha


The Real, Honest-To-Goodness Truth About Co-Parenting February 8, 2015

I recognize the important role that my ex and his wife play in my son’s life. In no way do I intend to downplay or belittle that role. But the role they play in my son’s life and the role they play in my life are very, very different. Perhaps for some people, the co-parenting thing is much easier, only full of appreciation, respect, selfless acts of kindness and rainbows. While I am a full believer in positive thinking, I am also a believer in keeping it real

Source: Leah Porritt


Shared Custody: So Even on Paper, So Hard on the First Night February 6, 2015

When a divorce attorney promises you cash and prizes ,just remember times are changing..and custody is becoming more fair and equitable…



3 Surprising Facts About Family Today January 27, 2015

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‘Get rid of the term” blended” families. What does that even mean? It creates an unrealistic expectation..’

Source: Mary T. Kelly, M.A.


Divorced Parents, Give the Gift of ‘No Drama’ to Your Children This Holiday Season December 18, 2014

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Some good advice

Source: Dr. Kate Roberts


Sports as a Battleground for Families in Transition November 10, 2014

‘Children’s sports and other activities have become the battleground for separated/divorced parents to continue to punish each other rather than support their children.’

Source: Risa Garon


Why You’ll Always Be Connected To Your Ex October 1, 2014

Source: Micki McWade


Are dads equal in marriage but not in divorce? August 20, 2014

Rover77 :Some day,I’ll write a little story about what it is like..sometimes funny..sometimes insulting and frustrating..for now ,let me say that with very few exceptions, 50/50 custody should be the law of the land..