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Marianne AziziIsrael29 June 2016

Israeli women lie in divorce, 99% commit perjury
As revelations of 99% of women lying in family courts emerge, the figures are rising on male suicides of men in divorce with thousands of children left fatherless.

Imagine you are a successful man. Perhaps an executive, or an engineer or a teacher. Life is good. A couple of children and good wife. Working longer hours than you should, you have no idea of what is coming next, the nightmare ahead which will end your life as you know it, and possibly take you to your death.

Coming home from work, your wife is in a strange mood. She tells you she has decided she doesn’t want you any more. It’s over. Still reeling from the shock, she stands before you and punches herself, ripping her shirt. Making a call to the police, she starts screaming that you are violent, you are hurting her. You can’t take it in. It’s just not real. Within minutes you hear screeches of police cars, the door opening and your arms and legs grabbed by a number of police. You are shackled and taken from your house – a home you will never see again, you just don’t know it yet. As you are carried out of your home, you see your wife smiling at you victoriously.

You deny, you even shout, but that is your first mistake. Shouting at the police proves you are indeed a violent and dangerous man. At the police station, fingerprints are taken, at which point you have started your criminal record in Israel. The paperwork is done, and you are held in prison for a night, facing your very first case in the court the next morning. It could be one of dozens, even hundreds, but you don’t know this yet. The judge issues a restraining order, you cannot go back home nor can you see your children at the moment.

So, with just the clothes on your back, your next option is probably to return to your parents, if you have them. Divorce proceedings have begun. You know your wife has lied, but you are totally unaware of the clause 2.5 section 26, which allows a woman to lie with full immunity and no consequences. Her lawyer knew that her perjury is protected, and he advised her to start proceedings with the inferences you are dangerous and violent.

She earns well, in fact more than you do. She is Jewish, so are you. Now you learn. The hard way. Her money is her own. It isn’t connected to the children, she has no financial responsibility for them at all. That is yours. She demands, and demands – the judge orders you to pay over 100% of your income. Ridiculous – but common. How can you concentrate at work? How do you pay? You can’t – and you face your first prison sentence, now a ‘deadbeat’ dad. She continues to lie – to make up stories. You face more arrests, it’s become a way of life now. Shackles, questions, investigations. The job disappears. They cannot accept your many days off and your lack of concentration. She is protected – fully. You pay what you can, and your old life disappears into a distant memory. She has the right to close your bank account, revoke your driving licence and even put a No Exit Order upon you, preventing you ever leaving Israel – without extortionate financial ransoms and human guarantors.

‘No smoke without fire’ murmurs surround you. But protesting your innocence gets you into more trouble. You have become a leper in your own community, and turn to the many social media pages to get some help. Now you are one of the victims, and you never saw it coming, never had a clue. The closed doors of Israeli courts ensured you would never know. You’d heard horror stories, but thought it was happening to others, never you. Now it has, and you spiral into one false arrest after another. You fight, of course you do, but the laws are stacked against you.

She lies in court, over and over, and there is nothing you can do about it. Now declared dangerous, you will face parental assessments, visits to your children in a contact centre for an hour a fortnight, and a life without hope of ever remarrying. Your aging parents are starting all over again, looking after you.

A shadow of the man you once were, there is only one way out. Which will it be? The knife, the rope; the gun, or maybe driving your car into a wall? You will join the club – the suicide club of men who are committing suicide every day. Your kids will be better off without you, and there is no other way…..

The insidious 2.5 law in Israel has created a life and death situation for divorcing men in Israel. It is said by unofficial figures that since it’s creation, over 5000 men have committed suicide. Not counting those who went mad, or just died of early heart attacks or other illnesses from stress.

Women have lobbied to keep this law since its inception. However, Judge Zurigo in Nazereth this week dropped a bombshell, when he reported that 99% of women have lied in polygraph tests in his court. He is clearly a forward thinking judge, and enlightened. Other judges who heard this revelation in a recent conference were shocked. Activists and lobby groups were jubilant to finally hear confirmation of what they already knew.

A woman doesn’t ever need to show results of ‘violence’. She can merely make a call and say her estranged husband ‘might’ be violent, she is afraid. It is irrelevant that he has never raised a hand to her in his life. The words are enough. Nothing is required, no proof, and if she has lied, she is totally protected by the law.

The UK takes a much stronger stance on false claims, especially in claims of rape. It is believed that over 50% of men in Israeli jails are innocent. The law of 2.5 is hitting headlines in legal circles in Israel as leading lawyers are lobbying and fighting. Moran Samun, head of the false claims committee in the Israel Bar Association is fighting for the human rights of men in Israel. This is not simply a case of men’s rights, it is a matter of life and death and thousands of children facing life without a father who took his own life. The fabric of society is crumbling


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