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Who Gets Custody Now? Dramatic Changes in Children’s Living Arrangements After Divorce April 2, 2015

Slowly but surely,custody is becoming less dominated by the mothers

Sources: Maria Cancian , Daniel R. Meyer, Patricia R. Brown and Steven T. Cook
(1)Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Anonymous: South Dakota Child Custody Laws and how they work out in real peoples lives March 16, 2015

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Anonymous: South Dakota Child Custody Laws and how they work out in real peoples lives
136,800- dollars in child support I will be paying for my two sons by the time they are 18 years old
32,000- amount in dollars I have spent with attorneys trying to gain more time with my children as well as enforcing our current parenting time order
21-number of days I was denied parenting time last year
17-number of miles I live from my two sons
6- days since I last spoke to or have seen my two sons
4-overnights Per month the South Dakota of courts have awarded me (standard visitation)
3-number of times I have filed for contempt of court against my former spouse
0- number of times the court has sanctioned her for denying parenting time



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‘Over the last couple of years, those opposed to children maintaining contact with both parents have done just about everything imaginable to discredit themselves’

Source: Robert Franklin, Esq,


The Constitutional Right to Be a Parent January 8, 2015

Some case law..which is often ignored


Father fights for the right to raise his child December 13, 2014

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Mindless bureaucracy or chasing money?



Give unmarried parents 50/50 custody from birth December 9, 2014

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and pursue non compliance with parenting orders with as much zeal as they do child support


Congressional Testimony: Kenneth Paschal to Bill Windsor of Lawless America November 15, 2014

A retired US Army First Sergeant fights for the right to see his daughter