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Parental Alienation Can Happen to Adults and In Marriages January 19, 2015

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Parental alienation is a form of emotional abuse in which a normal positive parent/child relationship is damaged or destroyed by another party using emotional manipulation, threats, false accusations, and other means–k

Source: Rob


Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women January 8, 2015

An interesting read and makes great points..what was disturbing was the admission that even though he belived in PAS and saw women as the the alienator most oft he time..he ignored it and advocated that children be placed with the primary instigator…the mother..Now?…times have changed with both parents doing it…and something must be done..ironic or is it because : Denial of the PAS Has Caused Permanent Alienation

The denial of PAS has caused many men to suffer formidable psychological suffering. The lawyers of women who have been PAS indoctrinators have convinced courts that PAS does not exist, and therefore the children’s animosity against their fathers is justified. The fact that women are increasingly suffering as target parents gives these men little solace, because many of them have lost their children permanently. In my recent follow-up of 99 PAS children, I provide compelling confirmation that the denial of PAS by courts has resulted in permanent estrangement in the vast majority of cases (Gardner, 2001c).

Source: Richard Gardner MD


Give unmarried parents 50/50 custody from birth December 9, 2014

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and pursue non compliance with parenting orders with as much zeal as they do child support


Malachi’s Law November 10, 2014

‘n short, we believe the severity of the damage inflicted on our helpless, vulnerable children justifies criminalizing Parental Alienation or PAS to a minimum third degree felony with mandatory prison time.
Malachi’s Bill is citizen’s answer to unresponsive, corrupt family courts’


Mum who tried to turn daughter against father condemned as ‘child abuser’ : UK October 17, 2014

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Mother lost custody (as she should) but : ‘Her success in turning her daughter against her father had sadly been so successful that an immediate move into his care had proved impossible, leaving an interim care order and a short-term foster placement as the only viable options’

Source: Gary Marks


A Vital Record August 6, 2014

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‘For an unmarried father in Minnesota, the first step in establishing parental rights is to request a certified copy of the Recognition of Parentage (ROP). Dustin contacted the Minnesota Department of Health through the proper forms. The result he received back was devastating. Not only to him as a father, but to the initial progress of his case.’

Rover77’s comment: But of course he will be a father for the purpose of being blackmailed for child support.

Source: The Fathers’ Rights Movement of MN


Stand Up For Gus – The Voice of the Child Fundraiser August 4, 2014

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Stand Up For Gus believes that co-parenting between two fit and loving parents should be the standard, not the exception in child custody cases. We are passionate about ending parental alienation, which happens when one parent ostracizes another from the child’s life. We know that separation between adults is often painful and difficult but believe that parents should protect their children from that pain.