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The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis January 23, 2015

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For some time now,I have thought it can be normal,even expected..just don’t panic or be impulsive and foolish



The ‘midlife crisis’ is a lie – now go and buy yourself a motorbike October 17, 2014

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Not sure I buy it

Source:Philippa Perry


The Heart Has Its Reasons October 15, 2014

Classic MLC…pathetic,shocking and funny at he same time ..tragic what happens to these people



Family Law Report – Steve Erickson Part 2 – Litigating Over Custody Time September 25, 2014

Joe Sorge continues his interview with Minnesota attorney Steve Erickson about the appropriateness of mediation to resolve divorce and custody issues, and the inappropriateness of the adversarial court system. In this part 2, they cover the top reason why people fight over custody – money

Source: Joe Sorge


Advantages & disadvantages of getting re-married later in life June 3, 2014

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‘Marital research in the past suggested that the longer you stayed married, especially after twenty years, the more likely you were to stay married for life. This research is changing. In the past five years the rate of divorce among baby boomers is rising’

Mary Jo Rapini



Just Lunch: After A Date With Your (Married) Lost Love June 2, 2014

More from Nancy Kalish..this happens everyday…causes alot of havoc and is often facilitated by social media..and is usually painfully disastrous for all..

Rover77 : I added MLC as category becuse I believe that is what motivates many of these scenarios…the people involved often act like rebellious teenagers playing out Romeo and Juliet..rarely does it end well

Source: Nancy Kalish


The Midlife Crisis May 20, 2014

‘The midlife crisis is a 1-to-3 year period of mental readjustment that occurs with married couples in their mid-forties. It typically manifests itself between the 15th and 20th years of marriage.’ Like honeymoons, or the periods of grieving after a mortal loss, the midlife crisis is a stage couples go through. After it has burned itself out, they’re either left with embarrassment at their self-indulgence if they haven’t been consumed by its flames, or they’re left with the dead, cold ashes of their lives if they’ve acted upon their folly’

Rover77 : well written if clinical description of MLC… it may not be in the DSM…but if you talk to Mental Health people privately..they acknowledge it..