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Same-Sex Couples Are Ready to Get Married, but Maybe Not Divorced December 7, 2013

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Well…you DID want this ..

source: Colleen Logan PhD


David Tutera and ex-husband Ryan Jurica each took a twin to raise in split December 4, 2013

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Ok..I have more than one issue with this scenario..but for now..separating those children is not ok..they aren’t household goods to be divided


In some states, gays fight for right to divorce December 2, 2013

Along with the right to marry..goes the right to a divorce…Congratulations…you’ve come a long way baby..

Lauren Beth Czekala-Chatham wants to force Mississippi, one of the America’s most conservative states, to recognize her same-sex marriage. She hopes to do so by getting a divorce.




What Makes a Mother ‘Primary’? October 31, 2013

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‘Despite the leanings of the court, the biological definition of “mother” doesn’t hack it in the modern world..’

Good read..makes a good case ,unfortunately it’s a case made by dad’s for years…her tone is a little militant….’the lesbian community’ and ‘heteronormative’..and I find it interesting that all of a sudden SOMETHING MUST BE DONE lol….but hey ..the gay community has clout and is the cause du I’ll take any help we can get…so ‘welcome to the party pal’…

Source: Colleen Logan PhD


How Biology Matters When Same-Sex Couples With Kids Split Up October 23, 2013

Of course the complaint is biological privilege..but the truth is they didn’t consider the consequences of the current marriage/family law system…the good news ? being gay is fashionable and politically popular..if THEY complain about divorce and custody..maybe something will change

‘ in the absence of legal relationship recognition (in the form of marriage to the biological mother, or legal adoption of the child), the nonbiological mother was left with little or no parenting rights, which ultimately translated into a weakened or completely fractured relationship with her children.’

Source: Abbie Goldberg


5 Signs You’re the ‘Other’ Mother

Because women and lesbians are so much more civilized in divorce…oh really?..Welcome to reality

‘My romantic assumption was that as women and as lesbians, my ex-partner and I could navigate a breakup more cleanly than a heterosexual couple could, that we could split the kids equally and fairly. So how did I find myself in the role of the secondary, or “other,” mother?’

Source: Colleen Logan PhD


The Perils of Heterosexual Rights October 17, 2013

A gay rights advocate discovers the joys of divorce..of course..her complaint seems to be that they don’t have SPECIAL GAY COUPLE  rules …Oh… I see…well…you got what you wanted..welcome to the party…

Source: Colleen Logan PhD