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‘Cooperative Private Divorce’ legislation would remove process from courts February 13, 2018

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The “Cooperative Private Divorce” legislation would allow couples to form divorce agreements without filing with the court or needing a judge’s signoff. The traditional system would remain in place for others.


Allegations of domestic abuse not protected speech, MN court rules

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The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reinstated a defamation suit against an organization that helps victims of domestic violence, ruling that a story told by a man’s ex-wife at an awards banquet and fundraising newsletter is not protected.


Protective Order Fails to Protect North Carolina Woman November 7, 2016

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How many times have we said it? A restraining order is just a piece of paper. It never gets any easier to report these news stories, but this story is an absolutely horrific example of how very little protective orders actually protect people.

A Rocky Mount, NC woman and her son were gunned down as they wheeled her 15-year-old disabled child to the school bus stop shortly before 7 a.m Monday morning.

Police say Tonya Boyd, 43, and Emmanuel Boyd, 21, were shot outside their home when her ex-boyfriend, Brian Vincent White, walked right through a protective order to kill her. Boyd had taken out the protective order just two weeks ago after White continued to harass and threaten her following their breakup in May.

Protective Order Fails to Protect North Carolina Woman

Source: Jenn Jacques


Before you vote, know your rights: A guide to the law of the polling place

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Source: Star Tribune


Germany to force women to name biological father of ‘cuckoo children’ August 29, 2016

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Under German law, so-called “sham fathers” can reclaim child maintenance from the biological fathers of their partners’ children for up to two years.

The background to the new law is a case in 2015 in which the country’s highest court called on the government to strengthen the rights of “sham fathers”.


You’re out of order! Ma sues judge over kid battle August 1, 2016

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Public relations exec Maggie Rhee Karn claims in her $10 million federal lawsuit that Manhattan family Court Referee Marva Burnett has been stringing out the case for over three years, costing her over $200,000 in legal fees while allowing her ex-husband to control major decisions about their 9-year-old’s schooling and religion.


Shared parenting popular, but still faces roadblocks April 9, 2016

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“So if shared parenting is best for children and supported by 70 percent of women, men, liberals and conservatives, it should be the law of the land, right? Wrong. Enter “the Establishment,” stage right.”


Source: Molly Olson and Terry Brennan