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What Judges Really Think About Fathers: Responses To Court-Commissioned Judicial Bias Surveys February 16, 2015

Judicial bias in favor of the mother is very real

Source: Tom James


Opening the Doors on Family Court’s Secrets January 27, 2013

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Interesting read from NY Times archives..chaos ,frustration and despair in family court.

Source : Joe Sexton


a Holiday Ritual : Fighting Over Where The Kids Spend Christmas December 10, 2012

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Ah, yes, the holidays are upon us.  The lighting of seasonal trees, buying gifts, greeting cards sent to friends, and the annual ritual of fighting over where the children of divorced parents spend Christmas.  Inevitably our court will have several “emergency motions” during the weeks leading up to Christmas because otherwise rational and intelligent parents can’t comply with their divorce decree (which they probably agreed to) or can’t resolve their dispute in a reasonable way.  It is basic law in Minnesota that visitation is not conditioned upon paying one’s child support.  The custodial parent cannot deny visitation just because there are arrears in support.

Your custody order or divorce decree is the law of your family.  If it has a holiday schedule, you must comply with it unless both parties agree to a modification.  If it requires mediation or the use of a parenting time expeditor or consultant, you must engage their services.

Undoubtedly some children will find their parents arguing over the phone about holiday visitation, or observe as one calls the police on the other because the other is late to the visitation exchange.  If you are a parent and find yourself in this situation, just consider for a moment what kind of memory you are making for that child.  Please don’t make it a bad memory.

My Christmas wish:  no one comes into my court with a holiday visitation dispute.

Happy Holidays!

Source : Judge Steve Halsey

Reasons to settle your divorce December 7, 2012

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“In Wright County District Court and throughout many courts in Minnesota, divorcing couples must participate in mediation or early neutral evaluation (ENE) to attempt to resolve their dispute without a costly temporary relief hearing and trial. These settlement processes have a high rate of success, if you define success (which I do) as avoiding tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and the financial disaster which is often the consequence of a hotly-contested divorce.”

Source : Judge Steve Halsey ,Wright County District Court