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Allegations of domestic abuse not protected speech, MN court rules February 13, 2018

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The Minnesota Court of Appeals has reinstated a defamation suit against an organization that helps victims of domestic violence, ruling that a story told by a man’s ex-wife at an awards banquet and fundraising newsletter is not protected.


Federal Court Case Asks: Is it Against Constitution for Caseworkers to Lie? October 24, 2016

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the case, which began with a custody battle, involved child welfare workers committing “judicial deception” to facilitate the removal of the daughters from Deanne, and has resulted so far in more than $10 million in judgments against Orange County.

A three-judge panel from the Ninth Circuit court last week heard oral arguments in the appeal of a case involving Preslie Hardwick, one of the daughters, versus Marcia Vreeken, one of the Orange County caseworkers found in previous lawsuits to have intentionally deceived the court.

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Germany to force women to name biological father of ‘cuckoo children’ August 29, 2016

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Under German law, so-called “sham fathers” can reclaim child maintenance from the biological fathers of their partners’ children for up to two years.

The background to the new law is a case in 2015 in which the country’s highest court called on the government to strengthen the rights of “sham fathers”.


You’re out of order! Ma sues judge over kid battle August 1, 2016

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Public relations exec Maggie Rhee Karn claims in her $10 million federal lawsuit that Manhattan family Court Referee Marva Burnett has been stringing out the case for over three years, costing her over $200,000 in legal fees while allowing her ex-husband to control major decisions about their 9-year-old’s schooling and religion.


‘Worst kind of custody dispute’ ends with $500,000 in lawyer fees after a 36-day trial April 9, 2016

“What will it take to convince angry parents that nasty and aggressive litigation never turns out well?” Pazaratz wrote in a recent follow-up to that ruling in which he awards Penny’s father Davis Jackson $192,000 in costs. The judge lambastes the parents for having “squandered” money that could have been benefitted their now eight-year-old daughter.


‘Worst kind of custody dispute’ ends with $500,000 in lawyer fees after a 36-day trial


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Court orders release of training documents for judges in child-custody cases February 4, 2016

“A Lancaster County District court has ordered the Nebraska Judicial Branch to release documents on how judges are trained to adjudicate child custody disputes.”


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Military Parents Fight for Custody at Home December 31, 2015

After returning home from Afghanistan, Lt. Col. Vanessa Benson is in, what she calls, the fight of her life, reports CBS News Correspondent Michelle Miller.

She and her ex-husband are battling over custody of their 14-year-old son John. Benson, in accordance with her mandated family action plan, temporarily gave the ex-husband custody before she was deployed last December with the understanding John would return home once she did. That didn’t happen.