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Angry woman made false child-sex report, police say November 21, 2015

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An upper Dauphin County woman made a false report of child sexual abuse because she was angry about the outcome of a custody battle, state police said Wednesday

(unfortunately,this happens a lot)


Source: Matt Miller


Fixing foster care: ‘Where do I belong?’ November 2, 2014

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A social worker found the children wet and desperate to find their dad, running along a stretch of a north Spokane highway. The siblings were split up. Alkala went to a Newman Lake foster home and wouldn’t see her brothers again until they knocked on her door eight years later.

“For years, I had the impression (my family) didn’t want me,” she said.

Source: Jody Lawrence-Turner


Single Mommy Sympathy or Hate Daddy Or Else? October 27, 2014

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‘I don’t know the reasons for my parents’ divorce, but they were married for ten years and had three children. My brother and sister were 9 and 10 when our parents split up. They spent their first decade in the presence of a father and then were expected, by their mother, to hate him because she decided that to be her course of action.’

Source: Megan Berketis


I can finally forgive my mentally ill mother August 13, 2014

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‘..And once, my father said, my mother called her psychiatrist and reported, “There’s a voice inside my head, and it’s telling me to kill my children.’

Source: Mary Allen


Parenting in the Real World: Shocking Statistics August 4, 2014

Good for him for putting these stats out there

Source: Dr Phil


2-Year-Old Violently Killed by Boyfriend Mom Had Been Warned About August 1, 2014

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Of 15 years in mental health…7 were with children and adolescents…in my least half of the time in cases of physical or sexual abuse …the mother should have been prosecuted too..because THEY KNEW

Source:Jenny Erikson


Government apologises over Dean Shillingsworth’s death…Australia July 28, 2014

‘No action taken despite 34 warnings’

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