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About Family Innocence July 21, 2012

This blog is dedicated to  Family Innocence . Our goal is to spare as many families as possible the ordeal of family allow them to continue to be families even in the event of divorce. Family Innocence  is on a mission to eliminate court for families altogether. Because Families Are Innocent.

For a separation or divorce you can all live with.

Headquarters : 1069 South Robert St.  ,  Suite B  ,  West  Saint Paul  MN   55118    Phone : 651-783 –  5878

Founder : Michelle MacDonald Esq.

Internet Media Editor/Journalist  : David Bradshaw

Family Innocence is a 501c non profit


7 Responses to “About Family Innocence”

  1. Mike M Says:

    Do you really want a divorce? Things to give very serious consideration to before making that final step.
    If at all possible avoid it like the plague!!!!

  2. Mike M Says:

    Divorce should only be the very, I mean very last resort.

    • Al Says:

      All “good” fathers who are insistent on trying to keep his family together while a wife would be stressed over a husband’s layoffs, should be warned that a wife will sometimes go wonky and convince a naive attorney to publish an out of state restraining order that will destroy his future capacity to be employed as a professional engineer, while also ending his life as a father, almost forever.

      All protective order “allegations” are required to be for-fear-of- impending-violence and can be parsed to slander a father in such a way that no one in any HR department would ever want to hire him for fear he would go bonkers with any future employer.

      In my view, in the cases of fathers who are professional engineers a wife should be excommunicated and divorced as soon as she becomes “sensitive” to her future financial situation, since that would obviously exibit a serious lack of character on her part.

      For the children’s sake IF she might remain sexually celibate i.e. “somewhat” faithful at least in the sexual area, a pre-nup would be the only way a prudent man would ever remarry his children’s mothers IF he desired to continue to live with her in a common house for the children’s sake.

      We all learn from the mistakes of others or our own mistakes as well, the difficulty is being prudent before hand.

      My thanks for everything you all are trying to accomplish that might bring more love and logic into more children’s lives.

  3. Eric Shupps Says:

    Excellent post. Very helpful. Thanks for the info.

  4. Joe Barrow Says:

    My name is Joe Barrow, I am a marriage and family therapist and founder of
    I, along with my family, have been alienated from our 14 year old daughter. i would like to exchange links on each other’s website to help increase traffic and awareness to this form of child abuse. You can contact me through the website or email me:

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