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Eat Pray Love: Where are they now? May 7, 2015

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Eat Pray Love: Where are they now?

One interesting thing about EPL is that it is based on actual events that happened around 10 years ago.  If you are like me you are pretty close to EPL’d out, but I thought I’d share a quick summary of what I was able to find on where Elizabeth Gilbert and her ex husband are now.

Having written a book on divorce, Elizabeth decided to write a book on marriage titled Committed.  From the Publishers Weekly review on Amazon:

How did a woman who didn’t want children land the only Latino hottie with a vasectomy in all of Indonesia?

I know the ladies are dying to see this Latino hottie, so here he is:

Oh wait, thats him in the movie.  Here is a picture of the guy in real life (full article):

Now ladies, contain yourselves.  Felipe is taken. You see, it turns out he needed a visa to get into the US, so he asked Elizabeth to marry him.  After a year of bickering and unhappiness together, she finally said yes after he explained it to her.  From the Publishers Weekly book review on

When are you going to understand? As soon as we secure this bloody visa and get ourselves safely married back in America, we can do whatever the hell we want.

You couldn’t make stuff this romantic up!

In case you are curious, Elizabeth is 41.  Felipe is 58 and his real name is José Nunes.  From her website she now lives with José in the US, and they have many pets.

The Ex

Her real life ex is named Michael Cooper, and seems like a very cool guy.  Check out hislinked in bio, including a picture.

According to The Daily Beast:

A decade after Gilbert divorced him, Cooper is now married to a Canadian diplomat named Béatrice Maillé. They have two young boys, Charlie and Sammy.

I didn’t find his age, but based on his undergrad start date on his bio I’m guessing he is about 45.  I couldn’t find a picture of his current wife either, but here is her linkedin pagewith her impressive bio.  I have to say though, it sounds like this guy didn’t learn his lesson the first time around, and married another feminist.  Hopefully this one is better than the last.

Source: Dalrock


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