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Anthony Hulsebus longs for Family Innocence April 27, 2015

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One-Eighth Of South Carolina Inmates Were Jailed Over Child Support Payments. Walter Scott Was One Of Them.

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Debtor prisons are very real in modern America



Legislation in Nearly 20 States Supports Shared Parenting and Parental Equality

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Family Breakdown and Poverty April 26, 2015

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The truth is,what Moynihan saw as unique to the black community wasn’t , and  has spread..

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Judge: Attending Pink concert didn’t harm New Jersey girl

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The things that wind up in family court

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At Heart of Odd Custody Ruling: a Turkey Baster April 25, 2015

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In Joyce Bruce’s mind, Robert Boardwine was just an old friend who helpfully agreed to donate sperm so she could have a child—no parental rights attached. To Boardwine, however, and now according to a Virginia court, he’s entitled to see his young son

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Collecting Child Support Without Making Matters Worse April 24, 2015

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Interesting  commentary…read all four…..

Rover77’s Commentary:   alimony and child support have evolved into single payer welfare  schemes  that  generate  revenue  for the states and counties

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