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The Stakeholders In Custody Law Reform February 15, 2015

Well written but I have a question…if these parents weren’t incompetent prior to divorce ..what gives the state the ‘right’ to take over the lives of all involved ?

Source: Tom James


2 Responses to “The Stakeholders In Custody Law Reform”

  1. tomjameslaw Says:

    Exactly. In Minnesota, the result of governance by a committee of “stakeholders” is a bill that removes both the intimacy of the parent-child bond (corporate-speak for “love”) and the parents’ wishes from consideration as factors in custody decisions. The whole process behind this bill has been disgusting, frankly.

    In a previous article, I discussed the part of the bill that will remove the last vestige of recognition of parental rights from Minnesota’s custody statute – the “parents’ wishes” factor that is currently listed in Section 518.17. In that article, I addressed the contentions that parental rights do not exist in contests between parents, and that parents forfeit their rights when they seek a divorce or a custody order from a court. I don’t believe either of those contentions is valid.

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