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Denial of the Parental Alienation Syndrome Also Harms Women January 8, 2015

An interesting read and makes great points..what was disturbing was the admission that even though he belived in PAS and saw women as the the alienator most oft he time..he ignored it and advocated that children be placed with the primary instigator…the mother..Now?…times have changed with both parents doing it…and something must be done..ironic or is it because : Denial of the PAS Has Caused Permanent Alienation

The denial of PAS has caused many men to suffer formidable psychological suffering. The lawyers of women who have been PAS indoctrinators have convinced courts that PAS does not exist, and therefore the children’s animosity against their fathers is justified. The fact that women are increasingly suffering as target parents gives these men little solace, because many of them have lost their children permanently. In my recent follow-up of 99 PAS children, I provide compelling confirmation that the denial of PAS by courts has resulted in permanent estrangement in the vast majority of cases (Gardner, 2001c).

Source: Richard Gardner MD


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