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How to close the gender pay gap once and for all. January 2, 2015

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Satire or insight?


Closing the gender pay gap is a national priority, but due to misunderstanding the problem we have failed to fully close it.  The good news is we are already making great progress in this area, albeit largely by accident.  Even better, now that we understand the true culprit we can speed up our progress via more deliberate efforts.

Misunderstanding the nature of the problem.

For decades we have labored under the misconception that the gender earnings gap was due to institutional discrimination against women.  In order to combat this, we have focused our efforts on affirmative action programs and equal opportunity laws and enforcement.  However, as economists have stubbornly pointed out, if women were being systematically paid less than men for the same productivity this would create an opportunity for employers to gain a competitive advantage by only hiring women.  What we now understand is that the earnings gap is actually caused…

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