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Spousal Support as Servitude December 10, 2014

Filed under: Divorce And Society,Divorce Industry,No Fault Divorce Around The World — familyinnocence @ 7:09 pm

‘Guys like myself have every right to be outraged that we have been forced into privatized slavery by providing spousal support for life. This notion of there being a feminist right to seek their own self-actualization based on the cold and calculated support from a man they no longer love, but are willing to use as a common farm animal, is a bastardization of the term, for sure. we are likely the last of a generation that will be required to provide such lifetime support, as States are slowly changing the divorce laws to limit such support to a reasonably transitory period (say, 5 to 10 years). However, that does not help those of us already grandfathered into indentured slavery contracts. Our only hope is they remarry.’

Source: Anonymous


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