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The Fathers’ Rights Movement November 13, 2014

Kids. Sometimes you just have to fight for them. We understand.

It’s no longer a secret that we live in a society that no longer values the value of a father. At a time in history where fatherlessness is the driving force behind drug addiction, mental illness and our booming prison population we should as a nation be doing everything possible to place fathers back into the lives and homes of our children. We are not.

Sure it sounds great to say step up to the plate and be a father today. Take time to be a dad today. Be there for your kids. Don’t walk out on them. It’s easy for the pundits to tout fatherless America and place the blame of our failing nation’s youth squarely on the shoulders of the fathers of our once great nation. We are an easy target, it’s easy to blame us.

What happens when we look a little closer into fatherless America? What do we see?

We see thousands of young men being forced into a biased child support system which sets them up to fail. Try being 19 years old, working for minimum wage and being forced to pay so much of your money that you can barely live. Now imagine if you lose your low paying job. Now you are left with mounting debt, coupled with the suspension of your drivers license and the threat of jail if you don’t pay up with money you don’t even have. Now imagine trying to even think they will let you see your kid. You are already labeled a deadbeat and your life is basically ruined. This is how we treat fathers.

We see scores of men going through divorce and separation systematically removed from the lives of their children through false allegations of abuse, neglect and the golden dagger…child molestation. Think it doesn’t happen everyday across America? Open your eyes it does. Fathers who have been there for everyday of the lives of their children are told they are no longer needed or wanted, but we will take your paycheck. Fathers left to live on couches or sleep in cars. Homeless. This is how we treat fathers.

We see men who maybe haven’t made the best choices in their lives, removed from the lives of their children. One mistake is all it will take and goodbye daddy. In a world where all people are perfect and every human free of human error, the father is not allowed any mistakes. There is very little to no redemption in the arena of family court. It’s one strike and your out. Thrown away. This is how we treat our fathers.

So today is another day to be a dad. It’s sad the chips were stacked against you before anyone even told you the rules. There is but a few options. Get up, stand up, join the masses and fight for your kids.

Source: The Fathers’ Rights Movement


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