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Family Innocence Open House October 31, 2014

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Family Innocence Social Hello everyone! A night of appetizers, entertainment and a better way forward for families.
Special Guest Speakers: Referee Bob Fine, Conciliation Court Judge and Anthony Hulsebus, Dominion Ministries International They will be speaking on mediated family justice.
When: 1 November Time: starting at 6:00 pm
Where: 2800 130th Street West Rosemount, MN 55068


Romantic Shampoo Ad Wants You To Say Yes To Shiny Hair, No To Divorce ( From China) October 30, 2014

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3 million Chinese couples divorced last year (guess we are in second place)

Source: Brittany Wong


Why Women May Be Bigger Cheaters Than Men?

We live in a society that romanticizes love. Many of us hold deep seated wishes that love and romance should look and feel like it does in the movies. When love fails to live up to this impossible to achieve image, there’s a feeling on missing out on the real thing. This disappointment combined with a more disposable feeling about the institution of marriage, has certainly contributed to both women and men cheating more. Divorce is a lot easier to get. The mindset (which started in the 70s) is much more focused on personal fulfillment. And If your marriage isn’t making you happy, there is this mindset, that you can always get out and find another partner.

Source: Robi Ludwig, Psy.D


When parents kill: FBI data reveal disturbing patterns October 28, 2014

Many of the incidents involve parents who are divorcing and often in custody battles, says Kathleen Russell, executive director of the Center for Judicial Excellence. The organization has tracked at least 287 cases since 2008 of parents involved in custody fights who killed their children.

Two things I get from system failure in this woman’s case…and that the divorce system often plays a part in these tragedies

Source: Marisol Bello


Bobby Fischer’s Body Exhumed For Paternity Test

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Even after you are dead…


Death,Divorce and Inheritance

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Source: J Goldstein


Outrageous! Judge forces guy to pay $30k child support for kid that’s not his October 27, 2014

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The birth of a baby more than 25 years ago has grown into a whopping miscarriage of justice.

The child support machine is ruthless and corrupt..and a disgrace

Source: Joe Saunders