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Nearly half of women in relationships have ‘Plan B’ man they can run away with September 30, 2014

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Sherri Shepard’s Surrogacy and Child Support Dispute September 28, 2014

Talk about a complicated issue: the collision of divorce and surrogacy

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Parents — not the courts — know best September 25, 2014

Family courts are chaotic, expensive and needlessly inflict pain, with children, parents and society paying the price. It’s time to realign research, policies, statutes and practices in a way which truly serves the well-being of children and our broader society. Measure 6 moves us in that direction.

Vote “yes” on Measure 6.

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Family Innocence Social 1 October 2014

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Family Innocence Social
When: 1 October
Time: starting at 5:45 pm
Where: Cuzzy’s Brickhouse
2880 Chaska Blvd Chaska MN 55318

Guest speakers : Mike and Marie Moran will talk about their ‘sblended ‘ family
SAVE THE DATE!Every first of the month : ~ FAMILY INNOCENCE SOCIAL 1 August , 1 September, 1 October etc
For details call Family Innocence, 651-783-5878 or email Clerk
Michelle Lowney MacDonald, Founder and Volunteer President
Family Innocence is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, dedicated to keeping families out of court: resolving conflicts and injustices peacefully.
Donations are always appreciated
Michelle can be reached at or mobile phone 612-554-0932.
Family Innocence meet every first of the month at a free social sponsored by our friends.
Office space on “FIP Fridays” is donated for volunteers and participants.


Family Law Report – Steve Erickson Part 2 – Litigating Over Custody Time

Joe Sorge continues his interview with Minnesota attorney Steve Erickson about the appropriateness of mediation to resolve divorce and custody issues, and the inappropriateness of the adversarial court system. In this part 2, they cover the top reason why people fight over custody – money

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Has the American Family Court System Become Totalitarian?

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German Ethics Council: Sexual Relations Between Siblings Should Not Be Criminalized

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