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One Man Speaks August 15, 2014

2.5yrs after the divorce. I had mediation this past Tuesday. My ex wife makes 3x what I make and I pay her 60% of my income a month. I live in the basement of my fiance’s parents house. My kids don’t have their own room or rooms. My ex and her lawyer felt that me getting them beds was good enough. They don’t need their own rooms. I don’t need my own place that the kids can call home. All my lawyer and I heard was “keep paying me, who cares what your situation is.” What is wrong with the system? Why must I suffer while she is the “Disneyland Mom” and I am the “No fun father”. All my kids want to do is spend money, cry about it because I can’t afford things like she can. Until something is able to happen and be corrected, I will continue to be the punished one. She chose this, not me. Our kids have giant attitudes and treat people poorly, because they get everything handed to them.
I know bitching to the state, county and everyone else is doing no good, in a sense. But, something needs to happen. I feel my kids are headed down the wrong path in life. They are learning that money makes you rich, not love, togetherness and manners.
Any suggestions? I am at a huge loss here and I am tired of being stressed to the max.

Source:Father’s Rights Of Mn


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