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Family Law Report – Susan Settenbrino – Part 4 – Lack of Oversight August 29, 2014

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Source: Divorce Corp


1 September 2014 Family Innocence Social /Bring A Dish To Share August 24, 2014

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Family Innocence Social ‘Bring a dish to share’ ‘Eat…meet..greet’
When: Monday 1 September
Time: starting at 12 noon
Where: Sunnyside Party Room
6351 St Croix Trail
Stillwater MN 55082

SAVE THE DATE!Every first of the month : ~ FAMILY INNOCENCE SOCIAL 1 August , 1 September, 1 October etc
For details call Family Innocence, 651-783-5878 or email Clerk
Michelle Lowney MacDonald, Founder and Volunteer President
Family Innocence is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, dedicated to keeping families out of court: resolving conflicts and injustices peacefully.
Donations are always appreciated
Michelle can be reached at or mobile phone 612-554-0932.
Family Innocence meet every first of the month at a free social sponsored by our friends.
Office space on “FIP Fridays” is donated for volunteers and participants.


How Splitting Up Made Us Better Parents August 22, 2014

Another try at self justification..but if you read it closely, it’s all about her.

Source: Jessica Woodbury


Why is the State Arresting So Many Parents?

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The state has sabotaged marriage and men , now they want our children?…Talk about mission creep

Source:Abby W. Schachter


Are dads equal in marriage but not in divorce? August 20, 2014

Rover77 :Some day,I’ll write a little story about what it is like..sometimes funny..sometimes insulting and frustrating..for now ,let me say that with very few exceptions, 50/50 custody should be the law of the land..


Five Stupid Things Cheaters Say and How to Respond

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As always Tracy Schorn takes no prisoners…

Source: Tracy Schorn


France: Law On Equality A Guarantee Against Unpaid Child Support? August 18, 2014

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