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Child Support Extortion? July 25, 2014

Filed under: Divorce Industry,The Child Support Trap — familyinnocence @ 4:37 pm

‘… child support payments are designed – according to child support guidelines – to keep the mother and children living at the same standard as they had when they were married, supported by the husband. Of course, that can only happen by extorting so much money from him every week that he’ll have to live in a studio apartment, at his aging parents’ home, or in a cellar somewhere.

What’s especially nice is that child support payments carry no legal responsibility to be spent in support of the children. But ‘child support’ sounds nice and makes the father such a ‘villain’ when he’s unable to make the ‘extortion level’ payments that can often be a third of his gross income – i.e. before taxes.

Extortion is an accurate descriptor because if he doesn’t pay everything ordered, he’s put in jail under contempt of court. No other parent in society is punished and criminalized for having trouble making ends meet; and to think that the money doesn’t even have to be used for the child’s welfare’

Source: Shane Flait


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