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6 Ways Family Law Makes A Bad Divorce Even Worse June 30, 2014

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‘Despite having had five attorneys, two mediators, three judges, and two custody battles, sometimes I get swept away by a wave of optimism. I’ll hear the story about the judge who ordered the rich deadbeat dad to sell his ancestral family home in order to pay child support, and I’ll start thinking, not only does justice get served in family court, but that justice could happen to me!’


Children Divorce Statistics June 29, 2014

50% of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents. Almost half of them will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. (Furstenberg and others -Life Course-)

One out of 10 children of divorce experiences three or more parental marriage breakups. (Gallagher -)


To Blend or Not to Blend: The Pros and Cons of a Blended Family

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‘Unfortunately, we don’t live on paper and the challenges of a blended family usually land us in the ditch of jealousy and resentment, tears and slamming doors. (Let’s not forget the phone calls from the ex explaining how she does things).’

Source: Amy Lord


Frank McCourt’s Ex-Wife Must Pay Him $1.9 Million In Legal Fees

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Guess she should of stayed out of court..the lawyers profit either way



Deadbeat Parent Redefined

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‘I think it’s time to bury the term “deadbeat dad” and replace it with “deadbeat parent.” And while we’re at it, let’s stop making whether or not they pay child support the determining factor. Sending a check every so often does not make one a good parent, and being unable to pay doesn’t necessarily make one a bad one. Neglecting and ignoring your kids, regardless of sending money or not, qualifies as a “deadbeat” in my book any day.’

Source: Eric Devers LPCA


Family Law Report – Interview with Leon Koziol – Child Custody June 28, 2014

Joe interviews civil rights attorney Leon Koziol about the financial incentives that family courts have to marginalize one parent in order to maximize Federal matching dollars.

Source: Divorce Corp


Investment banker sues ex over $263K for ‘fake’ nannies

Some ugly allegations..

Source: Julia Marsh