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14 Hidden Truths About Being A Child Of Divorce March 28, 2014

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‘Below, 14 confessions real kids made about their parents’ divorces ‘


How Many Messages Men Have To Send To Women On A Dating Site To Be Sure Of Getting A Response March 27, 2014

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‘… to be 99% certain she’ll receive a response, a woman must send 25 messages to men her own age. A man will have to send 114 .’

Good luck…I have talked with more than one person motivated to separation or divoce by online chat or emails from a dating site…sigh..EVERYBODY gets those…its called dating sites and chats are almost as bad as social media like Facebook for creating an electronic fantasy world..

Source: Walter Hickey


How to find good news in Gwyneth’s breakup

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Source: S.E. Cupp


What Is ‘Conscious Uncoupling’?

‘Even when it comes to divorce, Gwyneth Paltrow is an aspirational lifestyle brand. ‘

I’m not sure why there is all this gushing..sounds like another flavor of ‘child centered divorce’..which is great but it’s not revolutionary

Source: Anna Almendrala


Two-Thirds Of Cheaters Would Have An Affair With A Boss If This Was At Stake

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‘When Victoria Milan — a dating site for attached people looking to cheat — surveyed 3,000 male and female members, 67 percent said they would have an affair with a superior “for a salary raise or promotion”. ‘

Rover77’s thought: I found this interesting…infidelity despite the many excuses and accusations ,is very much about the offender..and they are very self centered and manipulative..its just an end to a means..


Another Blow to Fathers’ Rights; Dad Barred From Delivery Room

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Followup to a previous post and again…I guarantee that her ‘rights’ to child support are again paramount..This case makes the corruption and bias of this area of law very obvious..

Source: Joseph Cordell


What celebrity divorces like Gwyneth Paltrow’s tell us about ‘having it all’ March 26, 2014

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‘ when celebrity marriages fall apart, the particular variety of our judginess or sympathy provides some insight into what we think “having it all” actually means, and what we believe is the right way to go about getting it’

Source: Alyssa Rosenberg