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Is divorce a social problem or a private decision? March 19, 2014

Filed under: Divorce And Society,No Fault Divorce Around The World — familyinnocence @ 6:44 pm
Rover77’s thought..its a private decision that effects many and society itself..
there are people who live to be vegan and to nuture Mother Gaiia and not impact the earth or ‘fight for social justice’ that go through marriages like tissue papers.. I thought it interesting that ….”. A child of divorce may experience the same economic deprivation, relocation, shame, guilt and memories that “shape moral formation” as those who have experienced other traumas.” .. was met with “(Of course, relieving people from the shame and guilt associated with divorce is one of the reasons Susan Pease Gadoua and I are writing The New I Do: Reshaping Marriage for Romantics, Realists and Rebels. Why must there be shame if you’re in a bad marriage? Why must there be guilt if your marriage should not last lifelong for any number of reasons?)”….which seems to ignore the issue ..HOW CHILDREN ARE EFFECTED.. (SEE ‘ Gay Man Abandoned Wife and Two Kids — See How the Wife Responded’ in a previous post …)

Source: OMG Chronicles/Vicki Larsen


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