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NJ State Bar fights alimony reform….(of course they do) March 18, 2014

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New Jersey Alimony Reform :
New Jersey State Bar Association ratchets into high gear to fight off alimony reform in a Alimony Legislation Legislative Alert Web page.

If you are a member of the NJSBA and you disagree with the official position of the NJSBA on alimony reform- YOU NEED TO SPEAK UP. Many lawyers, especially those outside of Divorce Corp are generally appalled that the NJSBA has been commandeered by the family law section leadership.

Get involved and take back control of the NJSBA.

In 2012 the leadership of the Family Law Section directed then President Susan Feeney to announce that: “New Jersey residents are fortunate to live in a state with one of the most comprehensive alimony statutes in the country.” And they testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee that: “The laws have been fine-tuned over 30 years for the protection of women.”

Then in 2013 a strategic shift occurred. The Family Law Section decided to admit that the current laws are defective, but then proposed a bill that would do very little to improve the laws.

So the shift into high gear with their Alimony Alert webpage should be a call to action to the majority of NJSBA association members. Save your organization from the self interest of a few. Family law in New Jersey has eroded public trust in the judicial system to unprecedented low level. Help the NJSBA restore public trust in the practice of law by opposing the current mission to stop alimony reform.

Source : NJ Alimony Reform


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