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Another Side Of The Divorce Racket : Supervised Visitation February 3, 2014

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Met a guy recently..has been in family court for seven (7 !!) years and not done yet…struck me as broken…emotionally and financially…one aspect is that because of a bogus OFP..(btw  no allegations about the kids) he is required to have supervised visitation with his kids…and it’s a $100 an hour plus an automatic billable hour for travel time…they want him to schedule it in four hour blocks..and because of the OFP it has to go through the two…a four hour visit with his kids will cost at least $500 (that’s dollars) PLUS whatever the two attorneys bill him..that’s got to be another $200..minimum…so do the math…and its a downward spiral..if he doesn’t see the kids because he doesn’t have the money..I guarantee you it will be used against him..What really bugs me is that  the judges that impose these know the consequences…and turn a blind eye..they know that it’s usually a custody ploy…a trap..


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