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Hey Cheaters, If You’re Really Sorry… February 28, 2014

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‘It’s bad enough that infidelity leads to divorce. It’s worse when it leads to faux regret. You know, that kind of extravagant self flagellation cheaters do (usually in the passive voice). “Mistakes were made.” “I don’t know who that person was.” “I was in a dark place.” ‘

Source: Tracy Schorn


The Lie Single Moms Should Never Tell February 27, 2014

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How young is too young to hear the real reason Dad left?


My Son, My Ex, And Yet Another Custody Battle.

‘Later today I have to buy a gift card at Target, do my weekly grocery shopping, and drop my 16-year-old son off at a deli to meet his lawyer.

The lawyer he has hired to modify custody back from his dad to me.’

What an ordeal for all involved..yet another families divorce and custody adventures..’


Absent Fathers: An Absentee Dad Explains Why Men Leave Their Children February 26, 2014

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Hmm…I’m not sure I buy this..most of the dads I know fight to have a part in their kids life post divorce..and many lose …reduced to a cash machine that ‘visits’ their own kids ,often at the mothers whim.. and then the mother complains about lack of interest..Now those who just breed without marriage or a real relationship..I can’t speak for..
I know they are out there..and in those cases of ‘baby daddies’..the women involved usually know exactly what they are getting..

Source: OWN


Divorce Warrior: Post-Apocalypse Survival Tips

‘That darn agreement took months, maybe years, to negotiate and finalize. The court papers? They followed what feels like a lifetime of anguish. Yet, after all that, you’re not completely sure you know what you need to do next. The agreement is longer than The Bible, and full of legal gibberish. The court papers have the same problem.

Source: Terri Weiss


The surprising reason you’re addicted to online dating February 25, 2014

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You’re looking for love but there’s a problem: You don’t even love yourself.


7 Pieces Of Advice All Co-Parents Need To Hear

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My favorite is ‘ love your kids more than you hate your ex’