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Divorce Corp … A Review By Rover 77 January 24, 2014

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I attended a  screening of Divorce Corp on 12 Jan at Inver Grove Heights AMC Theater as well as the Q & A session after the show with Michelle MacDonald  ,founder of MacDonald Law and Family Innocence ,Steve Erickson ,a pioneer and founder of Erickson Mediation and Ron Ousky attorney and mediation/collaborative law advocate  each giving a brief talk and fielding questions from the audience .

Despite being a family court veteran and a member of the divorce reform choir ,I still found Divorce Corp interesting and at times,disturbing.It covers many topics in a short time ,including :the horrendous financial costs,legal antics of over billing ,collusion and false abuse allegations,judicial overreach,the administrative nightmare,the  downward spiral of the child support machine,the vulnerability of prenup agreements,the servitude of lifetime alimony as well as comparisons to uncontested divorce in Scandinavia as well as a plea for mediation and collaborative divorce.

Overall ,it paints a picture of a cynical ,greedy,profitable ,voracious  machine,usually driven by (I think) mindless bureauracy ,raw emotion and at times blatant  corruption and psychopathology.It feeds on the pain of the families it should serve  and often lays more waste to their  futures then  the litigants ever could truth ,despite all the piety of ‘the best interests of the children’…going through  family court usually ensures the opposite..when the hungry,self perpetuating machine is done (if it is ever done)..there  will be no reconciliation, no  peace,no ‘co -parenting’…only a lifetime of bitterness and struggle to rebuild.The only’ best interests ‘ served ..are those of the industry that sprang up with the passage of no fault divorce laws..driven by naiivete and political has been a disaster for all but the divorce machine.A trip through divorce court reminds me of medieval medicine and surgery..rarely do you pay someone  so much to cause you so much harm.

Personally,as an advocate for reforms ,I was excited to see this documentary released..the movie screen can reach more people than I ever can with my blog.That it was driven by ,financed and produced by a few makes it even more noteworthy.Anyone contemplating marriage or divorce should see it.


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