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Sudden Divorce Syndrome January 14, 2014

Filed under: Divorce And Society,Divorce Industry,No Fault Divorce Around The World — familyinnocence @ 10:23 pm

‘Oftentimes, men have a divorce sprung on them in midlife, when their kids are more self-sufficient and they’ve finally started to think they were over the hump. Like Martin Paul, they could start to relax. But that’s exactly the time of life when the instance of divorce begins to swell (another occurs shortly after marriage). Joe Cordell, of the law firm Cordell and Cordell, which specializes in representing men in domestic cases, attributes this to wives deciding as they approach age 40 that it’s now or never for getting back into the marriage market. It’s the same phenomenon as rich guys trading in their long-time partners for trophy wives. Only it’s the women who are shedding men

Source: John Sedgewick


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