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‘Marriage Counseling Made My Relationship Worse’ January 8, 2014

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‘Does anyone have a good experience with marriage counseling? I hope so. In my experience, marriage counseling actually made things worse.’


Source: Deja Vow


2 Responses to “‘Marriage Counseling Made My Relationship Worse’”

  1. I disagree. Marriage counseling can be extremely helpful but, like any other type of therapy, you have to find a counselor who can meet the specific needs of your relationship as well as the needs of each person in the relationship. A “good” marriage counselor wouldn’t simply sit there to be a mediator to the individuals unloading their baggage. This should occur in individual therapy. The best relationship counselors focus on empathy building, attachment formation, and re-establishing feelings of love.

  2. I agree ,that couple obviously had some really bad ‘therapy’..on the other hand ..overall , my point is that the success rates aren’t that good…

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