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Is Telling the Truth Parental Alienation? January 2, 2014

A tough some point I think the children deserve the truth..not out of malice but after all divorce shatters their world too…on the other hand ..there should be an attempt for the kids to stay bonded with both parents and have as much of  a normal relationship as possible..however I would feel no need to lie for nor protect my former spouse’s image..(.my cynicism makes me suspect that the attorney or spouse that makes the most pious speech about the best interest of the  children is usually the problem…)


Source: Divorce Whirlwind


One Response to “Is Telling the Truth Parental Alienation?”

  1. D. A. Wolf Says:

    Thank you for referencing my article at Divorce Whirlwind. Would you mind using this link instead, as the site has moved? Thanks so much – and for taking up this vital topic.

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