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How Often Do Affair Partners End up Marrying and Happy? December 30, 2013

Filed under: Infidelity And Divorce — familyinnocence @ 6:18 pm

‘This is for those of you who think you are with your true “soulmate” in an affair. Who believe that you are special. Magic. That if it wasn’t for one or both of you being married that you’d be together legitimately and living happily ever after.’…(good luck)..

‘So if you current cheaters or single affair partners have this fantasy in your head, let it go.It’s fools’ gold. An Illusion. Your odds are almost better to win Powerball than to end up “happily ever after” with your affair partner. You might as well wear “I’m Stupid” on your forehead.’

The ‘about me’ is interesting..


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