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Dad files $130M lawsuit after son in Utah is given up for adoption December 31, 2013

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A dad whose newborn son was given up for adoption by the birth mother — without his knowledge — is seeking $130 million in a lawsuit testing the boundaries of a biological father’s rights in Utah.


Source: Erik Ortiz


A Double Message…

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I find it ironic that sites  that cater to the ‘divorce is great’ crowd ..and produce an endless stream of articles about the joys of single motherhood and fawning over single mothers..they are great strong,independent etc and how they should get custody and cash and prizes…also tend to have articles on what great relationship and marriage material they are..I find that to be a double message…(are there so many of them ? that they need  help ? or may be single motherhood isn’t that wonderful?)


Religion and Domestic Violence

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Is religion an asset or a liability in the matter of domestic violence?


Divorced Parents Will Have Right To See Their Children…UK

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Ministers are drawing up new rules to put courts under a legal duty to ensure divorced parents are guaranteed access to their children…(sounds like the Brits are ahead of us..)
Source: Daniel Martin

Judicial Bias In Family Court

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A discussion of bias and it’s impact in family court….Not only is bias a very real issue..there are no court has very little oversight

Source: Mark Baer


Divorce: Should Children Have an Opinion?

My favorite quote :    Why do parents divorce? “Because when you give them the ability to divorce they just abuse it.”

‘Parents seem to believe that their relationship and whether it continues is separate from their relationship with their children. Parents fail to understand that their relationship encompasses their children, is in fact the very foundation of their children’s security.’


Source: Cathy Meyer


Survey Says Parents Are Unaware Of Divorce’s Impact On Kids

My version : Are Parents Clueless ? Or Just in Self Serving Denial ?..The good news?..Although the kids are wounded and the parents oblivious…..’society is accepting of divorce’…really??…maybe that’s not a good thing..hmmm..maybe the person reporting on the survey is clueless too..


Actual survey :

  • The trauma of the spilt was so bad for some youngsters that 31 per cent witnessed their parents fighting while one in 20 (five per cent) drank, and three per cent took drugs to cope. Shockingly, one in nine self-harmed (11 per cent).
  • A further six per cent considered suicide and one in 50 tried it but was found in time.