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DCS will no longer remove kids from homes without a hearing October 31, 2013

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‘.. in a pair of recent rulings, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit used the cases to spell out for the first time that caseworkers, like police, are governed by the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment, which protects citizens against searches and seizures done without a warrant.’


Source: Anita Wadhwani


The Oral Motion Fraud in Family Court

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‘A nefarious act plays out in family court all across the country…All states require written pleadings to get a judgment and written motions to get an order….However, in family court, these written applications for legal relief in the form of “orders” produce a paper trail that can be audited by authorities and provide valuable advance notice of requests by the opponent’


I can absolutely agree with this article…in my divorce..her attorney wait until the hearing was ‘over’..the judge would  standup and her attorney would say..’ by the way’..or ‘just one more thing’..and of course the judge would give in as an afterthought…very manipulative..


Source: Peter Christopher Lomtevas ,attorney


Divorce: Remember the Kids

‘You’re divorcing your spouse, not divorcing your kids.’

Good advice , oft repeated..rarely followed

Source: Tom Rokins


What Makes a Mother ‘Primary’?

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‘Despite the leanings of the court, the biological definition of “mother” doesn’t hack it in the modern world..’

Good read..makes a good case ,unfortunately it’s a case made by dad’s for years…her tone is a little militant….’the lesbian community’ and ‘heteronormative’..and I find it interesting that all of a sudden SOMETHING MUST BE DONE lol….but hey ..the gay community has clout and is the cause du I’ll take any help we can get…so ‘welcome to the party pal’…

Source: Colleen Logan PhD


The Unlikely Inspiration For Norway’s Plan To Lower Divorce Rates

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‘Faced with a divorce rate of about 40 percent, Norway is turning to an unlikely source to help keep couples hitched: Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s 2010 flick, “Date Night.”


Divorced People Are More Likely To Die From Preventable Accidents, Study Says

‘They found that divorced people are more than twice as likely than married people to die from preventable causes of accidental death (things like fire, poisoning and smoke inhalation).’


Dad wasn’t dad after all, but still owes child support

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‘In effect, the high court is saying it’s partly Parker’s fault for trusting his wife.’….

Rover’s comment : They can make pious speeches about the needs of the  child…but the truth’s about money

Source: Warren Richey


The Eat Pray Love Divorce Trend

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Source: Susan Walsh


Dissecting Divorce In The Philippines October 30, 2013

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Americans can get a divorce on a whim…never mind infidelity , drugs or domestic violence…they get divorces because they are bored or unhappy…want to find themselves…etc..but in the Philipines?..very different

Source: Jamila Van D. Lucas


False Allegations of Domestic Violence

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 ‘Unfortunately, when it comes to false domestic violence allegations, the statistics are not good. Seven hundred thousand individuals are wrongfully arrested for domestic violence each year. While women can be the victims of false domestic violence allegations, men are more often targeted.’

There is quite an argument between father’s rights and the ‘domestic violence community’ on this issue/DV advocates claim ‘only’ 10-15 %of domestic violence orders are bogus,father’s rights groups say 25-30 %..either number is too much..but as always..the truth is in the middle so..let’s say 20 % are bogus..

Source: Menduni and Martindill