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In Your Facebook! The Role of Social Media in Making Breaking Up Both Harder and Easier July 31, 2013

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betrayal,blackmail,voyuerism,cruelty..wonders of the internet..I thought the anecdote about the woman posting details of her affair on line for her married BF’s daughter to find was  repulsive…(those two deserve whatever comes their way )

‘Facebook has — hands down –shown up as the greatest source of divorce-related social media wounding to my clients (Twitter is a very close second).’

Source: Susan Pease Gadoua


Report: Wade ordered to turn over kids

A  judge ordered Dwayne Wade on Tuesday to immediately turn over his two sons to their mother — and his ex-wife – Siohvaughn Funches-Wade, according to the Miami Herald.

Family court pendulum…


First gay divorce finalized in Colorado

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Welcome to the party..


Source: AP


Divorced Parents in Hostile Relationships Use Technology to Sabotage Communication July 30, 2013

‘Separated and divorced couples are increasingly using emails, texting and social media to communicate with their ex-partners about their children. However, when ex-spouses use that technology to withhold or manipulate information, the children are the ones who suffer most…’

Rover77: of course…emails,texting and social media are also key players in causing a divorce …


When the Law Is Involved, Do Notions Of Fairness Matter?

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‘In mediation and other forms of consensual dispute resolution, “fair” is referred to as a “four letter word that starts with an ‘F'” because fairness is subjective. What is “fair” to one party involved in a dispute may not be “fair” to the other party. When attorneys, mediators and others are involved in the process, their concepts of fairness may well differ from those of one or both of the parties and from those of the other professionals involved.’

Includes commentary from Judge Bruce Peterson of Minnesota…who invests a lot of time and thought on these issues.

Source: Mark Baer Esq


Child support law ‘outrageous’

It’s legal for the state to order Joseph Chmelar to pay for another man’s child and to deny biological fathers who want to pay from doing so. One lawmaker called that “outrageous”…hmmmm…personally..I think it’s in the best interest of my children if  Bill Gates paid child support




The Russian Effort to Abolish Marriage (from July 1926)

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