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Basic Types of Marriages April 30, 2013

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‘Tolstoy wasn’t even half right. Happy couples are not all alike. Nor is every unhappy family unhappy in its own way.’

Source: David H Olson PhD


Can Eye-Rolling Ruin a Marriage? Researchers Study Divorce Risk .

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Predicting divorce ? 


Source : Tara Parker-Pope


Is divorce ruining relationships?..Commentary From Australia

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‘Here’s the thing. I am against marriage as the only legitimate romantic relationship. I support gay marriage; matrimony should be possible within any romance, just not the only romantic possibility. I also don’t think marriage has to be monogamous.But I am starting to have doubts about divorce.’

Source: Katherine Feeney


14 Surprising Facts about Marriage, Affairs & Divorce

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If an affair precipitates your divorce…your odds aren’t good

An excerpt  from  ‘Sexual Detours ‘

Source: Holly Hein


Does Cheating Cost You In A Divorce?


Source :Geoff Williams


Love Addiction

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Love addiction is compulsively seeking relationships or romance despite negative social, emotional, financial, or physical consequences.


The Link Between Adult Attachment Styles and Sex and Love Addiction

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Source : Alexandra Katehakis  LMFT